How to Quit Fast Fashion - 100 Expert Tips for a Sustainable Wardrobe

How to Quit Fast Fashion - 100 Expert Tips for a Sustainable Wardrobe
ISBN: 978-1-78739-506-0
Autor:in: Emma Mathews
Verlag: Welbeck Publishing Group

The fashion industry produces more carbon emissions than international flights and maritime shipping combined, and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, despite this, 85% of all textiles end up in the dump each year.

If you are one of the rising numbers of concerned consumers who feel uneasy about their contribution to these figures, then How to Quit Fast Fashion is the essential guide to help you lessen your impact on our eco-system, whilst remaining fashionable and well-dressed.

Across 100 step-by-step tips, this book will help you take action through easy to follow advice and practical ways to have a more sustainable style.

This book will explain the jargon on your clothes‘ labels and introductions to the world of rental fashion, to how to make your favouite clothes last longer, you’ll be able to officially quit fast fashion.


Emma Mathews is the founder of sustainable British sock brand Socko, which has been featured in the Independent, Guardian and Red magazine. She is a life-long maker and is passionate about combatting planned obsolescence through craft. She lives in London.



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