Green Is the New Black: How to Change the World with Style

Green Is the New Black: How to Change the World with Style
ISBN: 978-0-06-171930-1
Autor:in: Tamsin Blanchard
Verlag: HarperCollins

For girls who care about global warming and next season’s hot looks, Green is the New Black is a must-have accessory.

Does our shopping addiction contribute to climate change? What’s so special about organic cotton? Who are the real fashion victims behind $5 jeans?

From green carpet glamour to ethical bling, slow and low travel to the joys of swap parties, Blanchard explains the principles of green fashion, from why it matters to how to do it, with fun facts and essential directories on every aspect of sustainable stylish living. Full of emerald-hued fashion secrets from Blanchard’s celebrity friends, Green is the New Black is smart, inspirational, and will show even the most diehard shopaholic how she can salve her desire and her conscience, and begin to pull off one of fashion’s toughest colors with ease. Ready to be eco-fabulous? If you want to change the world and your wardrobe, don’t go shopping without it!


Born in Liverpool, Tamsin Blanchard studied fashion journalism at St. Martin’s College, and went on to work as fashion editor of the Independent and then style editor at the Observer. She is currently style director at the Telegraph Magazine. She lives in London with her partner, Mark, their four-year-old daughter, Sybilla, and a small silkworm farm.



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