What's the Future of Fashion?

What's the Future of Fashion?
ISBN: 978-0-500-51927-1
Autor:in: Frances Corner
Verlag: Thames & Hudson Ltd

The fashion industry (worth over $1 trillion and employing over 26 million people worldwide) is on the front line of environmental, political, social and generational challenges that are driving businesses around the world to reconsider long-established practices. Whether facing up to unsustainable production methods, embracing radical new modes of communication, or learning to cater to emerging niche markets across the world and to a new generation of young customers, the world of fashion is being actively reshaped by the demands of today’s world. Who better to guide us through these dizzying changes than Frances Corner, Head of London College of Fashion and a leading expert on this rapidly shifting and increasingly global industry?

Punctuated by exclusive quotes from fashion insiders at the leading edge of the industry, the book consists of a sequence of pithy commentaries on different aspects of the subject: ‚Business‘ (be it innovative ’slow fashion‘ businesses, new retail models or brands opting to manufacture locally), ‚Making‘ (from artisan designers to the revival in home-made clothes and the rise of one-man micro-fashion brands), ‚Education‘, ‚Communication‘ (from fashion activists to social media ’shop windows‘), ‚Health‘ (designing for disability or for older generations) and ‚Social Impact‘ (setting out the ways in which fashion is being used to push a progressive agenda, notably encouraging social, ethnic and religious diversity), making it a must-have resource for fashion students and professionals everywhere.

Dr Frances Corner OBE is the Head of London College of Fashion, the world’s leading educational establishment specializing in fashion education, research and consultancy.



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